World leader in drone industry and related system technology

A global company seeking to create future value and change paradigm

World leader in drone industry and related system technology

Reliable for engine propulsion systems a valued company

A company that offers comprehensive solutions for mechanical and control engineering

Core Technologies

Drones related technology

– Communication / Navigation / Traffic management control link technology
– Improved control and autonomy / detection avoidance technology
– Sensing technology for navigation and mission
– S / W platform and standard interface application processing technology
– Optimization frame structure application technology
– High performance / High efficiency propellant application technology

Engine system configuration and application technology

– Optimization of engine propulsion system and related application technology
– System scope extension technology to suit the purpose of use
– Implementation technique of optimal condition using ECU remapping
– Enlargement of application of environment-friendly / fuel saving pursuit
– Derivation of optimum cooling condition and system durability enhancement technology

Mechanical equipment design and production technology

– Hydraulic system application and application technology
– Application and application of pneumatic / electric control system
– Implementation technology of reliable measurement system
– Mechanical structure and safety enhancement design technology
– Basic design and operation application technology of plant operation system