Engine System Engineering



1. Optimization configuration for engine system performance Improvement / Fuel saving

2. System Application / Configuration suitable for application purpose

3. Optimizable range

Fuel type: Gasoline, Diesel, CNG, LNG
Propulsion mode: Electronic, Mechanical, Hybrid, Hydraulic connection output
Applicable scope: special purpose such as Aviation, Ship, Generator, Construction machine, Industrial machinery

Remanufacturing and Engineering Technology

Fault inspection
and diagnosis
Disassembly and
failure analysis
Cleaning and parts
Final inspection
and test

Dynamometer Order Type Engine and Parts

  1. Layout design
  2. Selection of engine and related parts
  3. Independently driven engine production
  4. Manufacture of connecting parts for Engine / Dynamometer
  5. Mounting / Commissioning
  6. Additional equipment mounting and testing
  7. Helping the electronic control unit (ECU)
  8. Final Experiment / Results and engine delivery